Coaching Change By The Brooklyn Nets Could Help The Cleveland Cavaliers On Saturday

By Nick Claussen
Steve Mitchell – USA TODAY Sports

The decision by the Brooklyn Nets to fire  Avery Johnson could be good news for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I am not saying that the Cavaliers should hire Johnson or anything like that, although I do think he is a very good coach.

The firing of Johnson is good news for the Cavaliers simply because they will travel to Brooklyn for a game on Saturday and the coaching change could have the Nets in disarray.

The game will be the second in back-to-back games for the Wine and Gold, as they will take on the Atlanta Hawks at home on Friday.

A week ago, the game against the Nets looked like a loss for the Cavaliers, as the Nets are considered to be the better team and the Cavaliers will likely be tired heading into the contest.

The Cavaliers did play the Nets tough the last time these two teams tangled, though, and with the firing of Johnson they may have a better chance to win on Saturday.

The Nets will play their first game without Johnson on Friday night against the Charlotte Bobcats. Typically, teams play well in the first game after a coach is fired as they come out with a lot of energy and they are trying to prove that they can win for a new coach. At times, teams fall apart under new or interim coaches in the first game, but I do not expect that with Brooklyn, especially since they will be playing the Bobcats.

The second game with a new or interim coach, though, is often a little tougher for a team. The adrenaline and emotion of the first game is not there, and this is often when confusion about what they  are doing and doubts about what is going on may creep in.

The Nets haven’t been playing all that well this year, which is why Johnson got fired, and a coaching change isn’t magically going to fix things. If anything, the coaching change will likely take some time to make any real improvements and will instead cause some new problems in the game against the Cavaliers and in a few other upcoming games.

I wouldn’t normally wish problems on any team, but the Cavaliers have only won 7 games so far this year and need all of the help they can get. If the Nets have some dysfunction on Saturday night and that helps the Cavaliers, then that is a good thing for the team from Cleveland.

The Nets have enough talented players that they should improve as the year goes on, no matter who the coach is.

This week, though, the Nets will be in transition, and hopefully the Cavaliers are catching them at the right time.


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