Did Deron Williams Have Anything To Do With Avery Johnson Getting Fired?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets have been shockingly mediocre so far this year and it ended up costing Avery Johnson the most. The team fired the coach on Thursday but there are more questions about the team. A lot of people have the same thought that I do. Does this firing mean Deron Williams is a coach killer?

Remember, Williams was one of the main reasons that Jerry Sloan eventually left the coaching game.  The feud those two had ended up sending Williams to the Nets in the first place.  One time is an anomaly.  Two times is starting to look like a pattern.

See, Williams may not have asked the team to fire Johnson, but blasting his system in the press never works.  The Nets want to appease their star.  If that means getting rid of Johnson, so be it.  That is how sports are run these days.  No wants to make players play through tough times.

Williams has always said that he is upset with people saying he forced Sloan out.  Getting another coach out of his job is not going to gain him any favors.  People have already questioned him and this is only going to make him look worse.  He can deny it all he wants but people are going to look at him as a coach killer and for good reason.

We will see who Brooklyn hires next.  Maybe they want to consult with Williams first.  You never know when he will try to force him out.

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