Dwyane Wade Suspended One Game For Groin Kick To Ramon Sessions


You can argue it until you are blue in the face, but Dwayne Wade is becoming a dirty player. The Miami Heat guard has been suspended for one game after kicking Ramon Sessions in the groin on Wednesday night. This suspension is not enough and it should be for a few more games.

I mean, just take a look at the video.  Wade does not even attempt to hide it.  He simply straight up kicks another guy in the groin.  That is a dirty play and it is completely uncalled for in any level of sport.


Honestly, the league should have sent him a message.  He has gotten off light with a bunch of incidents and a multiple game suspension may have sent him the right message.  The league should not protect the stars.  If you do something stupid like this, you should be suspended for more than one game.  Sessions could have suffered a serious injury during this.

Plus, we need to stop stupid things like this from happening.  If you think kicking a guy in the groin is the best idea after he fouls you, you might have some sort of issue that needs to be addressed.  I do not care how good you are at the game, plays like this have no place in basketball.

The NBA had a chance to send a bigger message, but they failed.


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