Help Is On The Way For The Washington Wizards

By Thomas Jones
Tim Fuller – US Presswire

Mike Brown lasted 6 games before he was fired. Avery Johnson was coach of the month for October and November, but only lasted 28 games before he was let go. People are wondering, when will it be Washington Wizards head coach Randy Whittman’s turn to get axed. Whittman happens to be coaching the team with the worst record in the NBA with no signs of that changing anytime soon. Help though may be on the way in a couple of weeks.

Getting cut may have been the best thing to happen to Shelvin Mack at the beginning of the season. You really find out who a person is through adversity. Mack could have sulked and quit basketball all together instead, he went down to the Development League and gained the knowledge and confidence he lacked last year. Mack returned to the Wizards and earned the start his first game back and had the offense flowing for the first time since A.J. Price went down. He is no John Wall, but he is certainly an upgrade over Jordan Crawford running the point.

The Wizards also finally got a estimated time of when to expect their franchise player, Wall, back in action. Wall announcing that he looks to be back in action sometime in January had to be a sigh of relief for the organization. Tensions seem to be mounting with every loss and this team was built to operate with Wall running the show. The Wizards are still doing themselves a disservice by maintaining the services of Ernie Grunfeld but help looks to be on the way.

Whittman seems to be getting the chance to operate at near maximum strength before any decisions are made about his job. Not having your franchise player for the beginning of the season earns you the benefit of the doubt. The problem for Whittman though is his players seem to lack mental awareness on the court while some of the young players have either regressed or not progressed at all. Once Wall returns it would be wise of the Wizards to give Whittman until the All-Star break before making a move. You cannot wait on change.


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