Raymond Felton Could Miss A Month With Fractured Pinky

By Riley Schmitt
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks have surprised a lot of people early in the season but that could be grinding to a halt. Injuries are starting to mount and the finger injury to Raymond Felton looks worse than we all thought. The Knicks PG could end up missing over a month with a fractured pinky.

X-rays revealed a fracture in Felton’s right fifth finger. The Knicks said the next course of action will be determined after his return to New York. But Felton told reporters in Phoenix he might need surgery and that could keep him out 4-to-6 weeks.

First off, it is never a good sign when a player is leaking more injury information than the team. This makes me believe that Felton will need to get surgery.  He started hot this year but he is slowly coming back to earth. Even with his regression to the mean, the Knicks need him to help provide some offense outside of Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith.

If he has a bad fracture, there is going to be no way that he can play through it. I know from experience that basketball with a broken finger is not a pleasant experience. You are limited in almost everything you attempt. Your shot feels forced and ball-handling feels foreign. Not exactly something a point guard wants to hear.

We will see if Felton misses a large amount of time. The Knicks can’t afford more injuries and this one might knock them back to the middle of the Eastern Conference pack.

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