Washington Wizards: Confidence Can Be Contagious

By Thomas Jones
Brad Mills – US Presswire

Confidence is a crazy thing. When you have it, it feels like you are at the top of your game. When you don’t have it, you believe anything you do won’t be good enough. Confidence has been one of the problems of the Washington Wizards. When you are down your best two players to begin the season, lack of confidence cause defeats before a minute is even played.

The additions of Garrett Temple and Shelvin Mack did something for the Wizards that might go over looked by many. They aren’t lighting up the scoreboard necessarily but, they came back to the NBA with a level of confidence that has been missing on this team since the end of last season. The offense runs a little better. More players have an opportunity to get involved in the game. Jordan Crawford is still, Jordan Crawford. You can’t fix everything with two players who were playing games in the Developmental League last week.

The Wizards play with more energy and effort. Temple plays with a different kind of confidence opposite of Crawford. He plays with a more measured confidence. That confidence was on full display as he played a majority of the minutes at point guard against the Orlando Magic. Players ran the floor because they knew he would pass the ball. They hustled hard on defense because they were rewarded on the offensive end.

Maybe the Wizards went about replacing A.J. Price all wrong. Maybe the Wizards waited to long in the season to finally bring up talent from the D-League. The confidence Temple and Mack play with after gaining valuable experience in the D-League looks as if it is rubbing off on some of the players in the Wizard’s locker room. Tonight that confidence helped the Wizards win their fourth game of the season. Confidence is a crazy thing.

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