Phil Jackson Won't Coach the Brooklyn Nets

By Carl Conrad
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I can certainly understand the wishful thinking by fans of the Brooklyn Nets, but they need to come back to reality and realize that legendary coach Phil Jackson is not going to take the helm of their team. There are very few jobs that would be enticing enough to lure Jackson out of retirement, and the Nets do not appear to me to be one of those jobs.

Should Jackson hop on his white steed to come and save the day, he is going to be incredibly meticulous about the decision to do so. The situation would have to be absolutely perfect, and the situation surrounding the Nets is not. At this point in his life and career, Jackson likely does not want to deal with immature players that are going to cause him headaches, regardless of their talent. Yes, Deron Williams, I’m referring to you.

Now, the “coach killer” moniker may very well be unjustly applied to Williams, but Jackson isn’t likely to want to deal with the nonsense surrounding Williams. Even if he is a “coach killer”, he would be hard pressed to force Jackson out if he were to take over in Brooklyn.

Phil more than likely also wants to come into a situation where there is enough talent already within the organization to win an NBA championship. The Nets might be close, but they’re not quite there yet. Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez form a nice core, along with Williams, but there is still something missing in Brooklyn.

With all things being considered, Jackson may very well consider taking over the Brooklyn Nets, but when the dust settles, I’m relatively confident that he will remain out of the coaching game until another opportunity presents itself that is more optimal in his eyes.


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