Atlanta Hawks Getting Bailed Out Big Time By Jeff Teague

By John Raffel
Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

Need a big play? Call on Jeff Teague.

Granted, the  NBA is loaded with big-play standouts who can put the basketball court on fire. But Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks is right up there.

Earlier this week against the Detroit Pistons, Teague helped the Hawks build a 22-point lead in the fourth quarter and then came to the rescue to help the team when it blew that entire lead and had to win 126-119 in overtime.

Teague admitted it was slightly embarrassing to squander such a healthy lead.

“We took our foot off the pedal and started to relax. But I’m glad we were able to get this win,” he said.

But Teague also showed his leadership by helping the Hawks take over in the second overtime.

“We just started playing,” he said. “We were playing (too) cautious. We had the big lead and we didn’t want to lose the game. We just decided to leave it all out there and just play. I think that benefitted us and got us the win.”

For the game, Teague scored eight points in the overtime and netted 17 points and had 11 assists.

“Jeff Teague, in the second half, really picked up his energy, picked up his intensity,” Hawks coach Larry Drew said. “He really made some big plays going down the stretch in the overtime.”

For the season, Teague is averaging 13.6 points and 6.6 assists per game. In Friday’s 102-94 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, he had a career-high 27 points and game-high eight assists.

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