Deron Williams Runs Another Coach Out Of Town

By Andy Schmidt
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past number of years, we have seen many professional teams fire their coaches for any number of reasons from bad performance to the players forming a revolt against a coach. It looks like the latter has happened with the Brooklyn Nets in their firing of Avery Johnson this week. It appears to be another example of Deron Williams running a coach out of town.

Williams did this once before when he basically got Jerry Sloan fired with the Utah Jazz. Williams is getting a very bad reputation of a coach-killer and he deserves every bit of the rep. Williams is evolving into a player who has to have it his way or it’s the highway for the coach. The biggest problem is that Williams will keep doing this until he gets a coach that bows down to his every need. There aren’t very many coaches out there who will do that or want to do that and they shouldn’t.

Williams has to grow up and realize that things aren’t always going to go his way and when the team starts going downhill, that it isn’t always the coach’s fault. It could be what the players are doing and that includes Williams. Brooklyn started hot in their new arena after the move from New Jersey but has hit hard times in recent weeks which prompted the firing of Johnson. I believe it has become time for Williams to look himself in the mirror and make himself a better person who doesn’t get his boss fired as soon as life gets rough.

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