Miami Heat Coach Won't Blame Loss on Dwayne Wade's Absence

By John Raffel
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not easy playing without a future Hall of Famer like Dwayne Wade.

But Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra wasn’t about to blame his team’s embarrassing 109-99 NBA loss to the Detroit Pistons Friday night on the Wade factor.

“There are no excuses,” Spoelstra said. “We had enough. Sure, we would have been a different team with Dwayne (Wade), but we feel that we have the depth on any given night to be able to withstand things that happen.”

Without Wade, serving a suspension, the Heat played one of their worst defensive games of the season. There simply wasn’t much they were able to do right on that side of the ball.

“After that first quarter they were relaxed and they played well. You have to give them credit. They made a lot of shots, but defensively we just were not playing with the proper intensity the second quarter,” he said. “They got into a great rhythm and got some easy looks. Their shooters got into great rhythm and then they took it from there. The fourth quarter they played extremely well.”

LeBron James had his typical superstar game with 15-of-22 shooting from the floor for 35 points. But no one else could do much, not with Wade out of the lineup.

But the defending champs do deserve some credit for coming from behind.

“You’re giving a lot to come back every little play defensively, and it’s a back-breaker,” Janes said. “They make a pull-up jumper, or we get them down with two seconds left on the shot clock and they bobble it and swing it for a three and they knock it down. So, every little play is a back-breaker.”

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