Phil Jackson Shouldn't Consider Brooklyn Nets

By Andy Schmidt
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With the Brooklyn Nets firing Avery Johnson this week, there has been talk of a return by Phil Jackson to the sidelines. Jackson obviously has the pedigree to coach any team in the National Basketball Association but I’m not sure this is the right fit or idea for Jackson. There are many challenges with this Nets team with Deron Williams being at the top of that list.

Jackson is a great coach who has led the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers to great things but the biggest difference in Brooklyn is that there is no Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant there to lead the team on the floor. Williams is a solid NBA point guard and Joe Jackson is a talented guard in his own right but neither is Jordan or Bryant who would make sure their teammates were in the right place at the right time. Jackson will have a hard time with that issue along and trying to mold a team that is sitting around the .500 mark right now to make them championship-worthy.

It would be best for Jackson to just stay in retirement and not deal with the constant headache that the Nets would give him. I’m sure Jackson will want over $15 million for just this season anyway and while the Nets ownership can afford such a salary and wants Jackson, I don’t see Jackson deciding to make the jump and going for this. The Nets will have to keep looking for a new coach and should just go see if Stan Van Gundy wants the job as a more likely scenario.

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