Washington Wizards Looking For Offense in All the Wrong Places

By Thomas Jones
Evan Habeeb – US Presswire

When the Washington Wizards decided to retool their team, building around John Wall was the initiative. They needed players that could run, shoot, and most importantly shoot.

Nene Hilario came via trade last season to provide stability in the locker room and in the half court game. He has lived up to his billing, when healthy. Trevor Ariza came via trade during the off-season to provide defense on the wing and run the court with Wall. Right before his injury, Ariza was beginning to turn his season around for the better. Unfortunately, shooting isn’t Ariza’s forte. Emeka Okafor was traded for to provide stability in the low post on defense and insurance in case Nene couldn’t stay healthy, not to score. Bradley Beal was drafted after one season in college to provide outside shooting and he has struggled thus far with Wall out of the lineup.

So where is the offense?

Martell Webster is only averaging 9 points a game. Jordan Crawford puts up buckets but it normally comes at the expense of everyone else’s offense. The Wizards clearly did not do enough this summer to provide scoring to a lineup that was lacking. Even if Wall returns sometime this season, it’s as if no one can hit a basket other than Crawford on a consistent basis. Winning in the NBA requires you to score more points than the other team. Having 3-4 players that are capable of hitting an open shot and only 1-2 players that can create their own shot is unacceptable at this level. No need to wonder why the Wizards struggle to score, we know why. The front office failed to do a decent job of supplying this team with offensive talent.

If you decide to build your team around a point guard who doesn’t possess the ability to consistently hit the open jumper, you must make sure that is what he is surrounded by. Maybe Wall will take the pressure off of everyone else making their jobs easier once he returns. Maybe not. This team, as currently built, remains extremely flawed.


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