Royce White Continues To Look Horrible With Houston Rockets

By Riley Schmitt
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I really want to root for Royce White. The Houston Rockets rookie is dealing with anxiety and it has made it hard for him to adjust to the pro basketball life. However, White continues to look like a spoiled child. The team assigned him to the D-League to get him some playing time, but he has refused the assignment.

You know what, Royce?  Go home.  Stop trying to be a NBA player if you are going to do this.  The team is trying to do what is best for them and for you.  By refusing this assignment, you are losing every bit of support that you might have had left.  It is admirable that you want to be a beacon of hope for mental illness, but you are coming off like a brat.

At no point since the draft has White looked like a mature person.  He decided to get in a media war with his team and then he tried to take on one of the most respected writers in basketball.  No one is on his side anymore and I don’t think he understands what he is doing.

The Rockets aren’t going to cut him.  His money is guaranteed.  I will say this, though.  The chances of him playing any time soon are nil.  He is going to be blackballed from the league at this rate and he absolutely deserves it.

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