Brandon Knight Believes Detroit Pistons Are On Their Way

By John Raffel
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Knight is cautiously optimistic that the Detroit Pistons may have turned the corner.

Granted, an 11-22 record isn’t exactly NBA championship material, but Knight has liked what he’s seen in the last three games, which have included wins over the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks and a double overtime loss on the road to the Atlanta Hawks.

The Pistons are currently making up for a schedule that was road heavy the first two months. That’s what is especially encouraging for Knight.

“We are going to continue to do what we have been lately and continue to grow off it and get better, and continue to protect our court,” Knight said.

Another encouraging aspect of the win over Milwaukee is the the Pistons were finally able to offset a fourth-quarter charge, a factor that has cost them in several ballgames this season.

“They are all NBA teams,” Knight said. “Maybe one is a little bit better than the other, or whatever you want to call it. Every team is going to make runs throughout the game. You’ve got to be able to withstand it and keep the same mindset whether it’s Miami or Milwaukee.”

Coach Lawrence Frank is confident that his team is finally starting to learn how to win in the clutch.

“Sometimes you’ll convert down the stretch, sometimes you won’t,” he said. “The key is, we just have to keep up with ourselves in this position, because that’s what winning basketball is about is getting to the last six minutes with the game and going either way. Whether you had a lead, whether you’re coming back, regardless of what happens, the game is a game of ebbs and flows and you just have to stay the course.”

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