Jarvis Varnado is Better than Jason Collins

By Rob Lunder


Boston Celtics
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

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The Boston Celtics signed Developmental League free agent Jarvis Varnado only a little over a week ago and he has yet to play any meaningful minutes for the organization.  It is understandable for him to have an adjustment period as he gets acclimated to the NBA, but the team should play him more to see what they have.  Kevin Garnett can only play six minutes at a time and current starting center Jason Collins gives the team nothing.  He almost provides negative value as he doesn’t rebound and has no offensive game whatsoever.  He is also a terrible free throw shooter so if teams ever started to purposely foul him, it would be more than likely that he would only make one of two free throws.

Getting back to Varnado; why not play the guy?  Head coach Doc Rivers has nothing to lose by throwing him into the fire.  The team is currently 14-16 and they obviously have to do something bold to change things up.  Varnado becoming at least a partial member of the rotation would constitute a bold move.

No one can tell me that Vernado cannot be at least a little bit better than Collins.  Why not try a guy with younger legs who can block some shots too?  Even if Varnado does not have much of an offensive game, he can at least help out on the defensive end, something that Collins cannot do.  Collins can barely even jump.  He is a joke.  Rivers needs to get him out of there immediately.

The Celtics have nothing to lose by giving Varnado a shot.

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