Sacramento Becoming the House of Blues for Boston Celtics

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

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The Boston Celtics lost again last night against the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento.  Sacramento has not been a kind place for the Celtics to play as of late, as the last two years the team has gotten blown out by the Kings, who are arguably a much inferior opponent.

It always seems like the Celtics struggle when they go out to the West Coast.  They got blown out in every game on this past trip and the Boston Garden has to look pretty good to Kevin Garnett and company right about now.  But getting back to Sacramento, the Celtics simply do not seem to play well in their home arena.

Last season the Celtics were dominated in Sacramento in a game during the second half of the season.  The Kings had nothing to play for and were coming off of a recent losing skid.  The Celtics were still playing pretty poorly, but they laid an absolute egg against the Kings that day.  They do not seem to shoot well in their gym and it is really no excuse.  This is true especially given the fact that the Kings do not have a great home court advantage at all.  Ten years or so ago the Kings had one of the best attendance figures in the NBA, but that is clearly in the past.  They are lucky to fill up half of the building routinely and there is no crowd to battle against if you are a player.  It is almost like playing a practice in their arena.

The Celtics have had recent troubles playing in Sacramento and they need to figure out how to play better on the road in general.

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