DeMarcus Cousins Not Being Traded is Bad News for Charlotte Bobcats

By Cody Williams
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings
Cary Edmondson – USA Today Sports Images

At the start of this week and the New Year, rumors were circulating about the future of DeMarcus Cousins with the Sacramento Kings.

The much maligned big-man was coming off his second suspension this season when the trade rumors started swirling around the Internet. Team after team was trotted out as a candidate to enlist Cousins’ services. One of the more serious candidates that emerged was none other than the Charlotte Bobcats.

At first glance, it seems rather absurd to think that a supreme talent like Cousins would land in Charlotte. But when you consider the plethora of young prospects and the likelihood that the Bobcats will have a high/tradable draft pick, it becomes a little more plausible.

Any chance that Cousins would become a Bobcat was crushed on Wednesday morning when Kings General Manager Geoff Petrie announced that Cousins was not on the trading block.

This comes as a huge blow to the Bobcats hopes as Cousins could have dramatically turned this team around.

Brendan Haywood DeAndre Jordan
Sam Sharpe – USA Today Sports Images

Charlotte’s struggles with their post-play have been widely noted. Brendan Haywood, Desagana Diop and Bismack Biyombo all struggle offensively and are inconsistent defensively. The injured Byron Mullens is wildly inefficient on both sides of the ball, despite decent points and rebounds per game averages. Hakim Warrick is still trying to find his role on the Bobcats, but is playing decently.

However, Cousins is a cut-above every big-man on the Bobcats’ roster. If he were placed on Charlotte’s squad with his stats this season in Sacramento, he would lead the team in Player Efficiency Rating and rebounds and be the second leading scorer behind Kemba Walker.

Also, Cousins 41.3 percent shooting would be third for Bobcats post-players behind Biyombo at 44.6 percent and Haywood at 49.2 percent. The difference is that Cousins averages 10 more shot attempts per game than both Bobcats.

With that, it’s pretty easy to assume that Cousins would be the best interior player for the Bobcats if they were to acquire him. And, with such a young team that is struggling so mightily, it’s hard to imagine anyone besides Kemba Walker and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist not being an option to be included in a package to trade for Cousins.

Cousins’ character has been questioned by many. But much of the issue with Cousins is that Sacramento is a terrible fit for him. He plays on a team with an abundance of “me-first” guards, which depletes the opportunities that Cousins gets.

If he were to be traded to the Bobcats, that wouldn’t be an issue. He would instantly become Charlotte’s primary focus on the offensive end of the floor. If that happened, many of Cousins’ alleged character problems would probably be resolved.

As of right now, Cousins is not available. However, if he does end up on the trading block as the season progresses, the Charlotte Bobcats would be wise to go all-out in their pursuit to acquire him. He could be exactly what they need.

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