Detroit Pistons Rescued Again By Austin Daye, Other Bench Players

By John Raffel
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Austin Daye and other Detroit Pistons reserves are proving they’re just not one-night stand basketball players.

Daye, along with Will Bynum, Charlie Villanueva and other bench players, have played a key role in the Pistons’ recent resurgence, which has included three straight wins plus a 103-97 NBA triumph on New Year’s Day over the Sacramento Kings.

Daye scored 13 points and had a key late-game bucket for the Pistons who are still only 12-22, but seem to be on a big enough surge to make the next 48 regular-season games very interesting.

“The ball dropped down in a good spot, and I knew it was pretty much in when it left my hands,” Daye said. “I’ve been doing a good job staying with my routine and (assistant coach) Charles Klask after practice and things like that, just staying focused.”

At one time, Daye and other Pistons were rather hesitant in taking shots, or so it seemed. But not any longer.

“I don’t know if that’s really the case,” Daye said. “I just know that when I shoot the ball I feel there is a good chance it will go in, so I let it fly.”

Kings guard Jimmer Fredette had to admit it was a surprise to see the Pistons defense play as well as it did.

“We came back, played hard getting back into the game, and Austin Daye made a huge shot at the end against good defense,” he said. “They came out strong in that second and made some shots. (They) were hitting their threes and playing good D getting stops against us, and we weren’t getting any stops. That happens during a NBA game, they’re going to go on runs, but we did a good job stopping it and getting back into the game, so that’s a big part.”

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