Time For Royce White To Make Decision On Life And Career

By Andy Schmidt
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this season in the National Basketball Association, we heard about the situation of Royce White from the Houston Rockets and the issues he faces with anxiety and a fear of flying. White has now rejected an assignment to the D-League because he feels it is an unsafe situation for him. It has to be said now that White should probably find himself a new profession.

I had sympathy for White to start this because I know what he is going through with anxiety but it is getting ridiculous now. We all know White has the problems and it appears that the Rockets are helping him out with it but White doesn’t seem to want to accept what is going on. He wants it his way or the highway and if White continues doing what he is doing right now, it is going to be the highway for him. White has become a major troublemaker for the Rockets and hasn’t even played a single game for them.

Houston should seriously consider the idea of cutting White loose as soon as possible or finding a taker for him in a trade. This can’t continue going on the way it is presently because it helps no one at all. White should just go down to the D-League and play there or take his ball and go home. Those are the only two options right now. I wish no one any harm in dealing with anxiety issues because it is a cruel mental problem that a lot of people ignore and laugh off at times. I just wish White would make up his mind already.

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