David Stern Thinks The NBA Will Have European Teams Within 20 Years

By Riley Schmitt
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

David Stern may be on the way out soon but the NBA commissioner has some big ideas still. He has always wanted a European branch of the league and he thinks that the league will sustain a European branch within 20 years.

 “I think so,” Stern said when asked if he sees a team in Europe at some point. “I think multiple NBA international teams. Twenty years from now? For sure. In Europe. No place else. In other places I think you’ll see the NBA name on leagues and other places with marketing and basketball support, but not part of the NBA as we now know it.”

Man, I do not like this idea.  It seems like there are some major issues.  If you had these teams playing teams that reside stateside, it would cause a bunch of travel problems.  There would be so many teams that would end up jetlagged.  That is not a good look going forward.

If they decide to establish a six to 10 team conference in Europe and have them play for their own title and then play the NBA winner, that sounds a bit better.  However, there are a lot of issues with that as well.  Travel is still going to be an issue no matter which way you slice it.

Maybe it is a good thing that Stern is leaving.  This issue seems like something that will keep popping up.  That is not going to be a good thing.  Worry about more pressing issues here instead of in Europe.

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