Los Angeles Lakers: What Needs to Happen in 2013

By David Charnley
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US Presswire

The Los Angeles Lakers might well have ended the calendar year with a victory against the Portland Trailblazers, but 2013 has started off the same way most of last year went.

A defeat against Philadelphia 76ers was a much too unfamiliar story for the Lakers and they really need to match up to their New Year resolutions if 2013 is going to prove successful in some way or the other.

When talking about the Lakers and success over the past decade and even during the summer months,the rest of the sentence would finish in NBA champions. At this stage of the season this is very unlikely and will just making the playoffs alone result in success being achieved. At the start of the season it would seem laughable that this could be suggested, but with the arrivals of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, showtime was expected to be delivered to the Staples Center once again.

At the end of December, the Lakers flirted with the prospect that they had finally turned the corner to their disastrous start of the season. Christmas day saw a victory against the New York Knicks and a five game win streak. With the Denver Nuggets and Trailblazers up next it seemed likely that they would finish the year on a seven game win streak. However the Nuggets once again highlighted the frailties of the Lakers defense and scored 126 points on the way to victory.

2013 has started with a home defeat against the 76ers and the list below has to be the new year resolutions for Mike D’Antoni and the Lakers.

  • Improve defense.
  • Act like a team when playing defense.
  • Score more points in the paint.
  • Give up less points in the paint.
  • Stop turning over the ball, and regain possessions.
  • Let Dwight Howard get in more shots to create momentum and a routine in his play offensively
  • Kobe Bryant has to stop shooting 100 times a game just because no one else can make a shot

The Lakers have failed to go above .500 this season and with a grueling schedule coming up over the next couple of weeks, unless the new year sees a new Lakers the same old problems are still going to occur.


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