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Top 10 All-Time Los Angeles Lakers Players

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The Top Ten Los Angeles Lakers Of All Time


Legends only play for one team.

That team is the Los Angeles Lakers, and maybe the Boston Celtics.

The Lakers ball club has seen the best and brightest put on and take off the purple and gold throw back. A huge majority of basketball legends have found themselves in Los Angeles. The Lakers turn NBA players into celebrities. The Lakers legitimately makes them famous.

TMZ scouts restaurants and clubs. LA is the mother ship of television, music and film production. Celebrities flock games. The franchise is storied and successful so players, like Steve Nash and Karl Malone, who are missing a championship from their almost perfect resumes are tempted to ink with the Lakers in order to finally capture a ring.

Yet, in addition to chasing a ring, players are welcomed to appear on talk shows, in music videos, straight to DVD movies and really bad commercials. Dwight Howard landed at LAX and went straight to the Ellen Show. Metta World Peace has had a standup comedy tour, TV movie and a hip-hop album.

Success, fame, glory and fortune all come with the jersey.

Everyone has they’re own opinions to who the best Lakers of All Time are. However, every list has a few absolutes.

Legends might not play for one team, but they certainly tend to play for this team.

Who are the top players to ever wear a Lakers jersey?

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10. Dwight Howard


Once Dwight Howard fully recovers, he will be set to take the torch from Kobe.

He’s the top center in the league and probably the top center since Shaquille O'Neal in the middle 2000s.

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9. Gail Goodrich


Gail Goodrich was apart of the roster that helped establish the Lakers.

He was a great offensive player and made threw throws, even when playing with other Hall of Famers, like Jerry West, he led the team's scoring.

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8. Steve Nash


Like Karl Malone, Steve Nash was missing one key element: a championship. Nash is one of the best point guards and ushered in the “guard centered” style of play that is becoming more and more popular.

He might have spent his peak years with other teams but he is undeniably the top point guard the Lakers have seen since Derek Fisher's prime.

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7. Jerry West


Jerry West never played for a team other than the Lakers. He challenged Wilt Chamberlain's on court scoring records and contributed just as much off the court to the Lakers franchise as he did as an active player.

West conducted the trade that would make Kobe Bryant a Laker and signed Shaquille O'Neal and Phil Jackson.

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6. Wilt Chamberlain


Wilt Chamberlain probably "scored" more than anyone else on the plant.

On the court, he was one of the top one of best basketball players to ever play.

His jersey has been retired by several teams and he captured almost every prize, award and title in the league.

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5. Shaquille O'Neal


Shaq is the most dominant center to ever play the game thus far.

And also, the most entertaining.

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4. Karl Malone


Karl Malone was barely a Laker but he is still the top power forward to put on a Lakers jersey. So he still counts.

Malone signed with the Lakers to win a championship, the one thing he never accomplished.

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3. Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant is the youngest player to ever score 30,000 points, he has won five championships and is the face of the post Shaquille O'Neal Lakers era.

Kobe is among the greats but he isn't the greatest.


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2. Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson is the original Laker, introducing Showtime to LA.

He appeared in twelve All-Star games, won five championships and was a three time MVP.

Magic's with Larry Bird is one of the greatest rivalries in sports.

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1. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabber's resume is unbeatable.

He was never marketed as well as Michael Jordan or LeBron James but he has a better resume than either player. It includes being a 19× NBA All-Star, winning back-to-back scoring titles, six MVP awards and a NBA finals MVP.

He is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, with 38,387 points and was the scoring leader twice.

He made the NBA All-Defensive First Team five times, in addition, to making All-NBA First Team 10 times.

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