Kirk Hinrich's Injuries Are Causing More Harm Than Good For Chicago Bulls

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Debby Wong- USA TODAY Sports

It seems as though  Kirk Hinrich‘s sleeves and wraps aren’t doing him much good. Through 30 games he has missed four, and while that isn’t a catastrophic number, it still poses a problem.

The problem is two-fold: chemistry and point guard selection. While we all know Hinrich is a veteran who was brought in for his leadership and not his scoring or defense, his absences become detrimental when looking at a continuous issue for the Chicago Bulls, which is chemistry. Last season, we saw great chemistry between the starters and the bench mob and this year, it seems like some of that chemistry doesn’t exist. While Hinrich is not the biggest offender, his re-occurring injuries sure don’t help his situation.

Imagine being Nate Robinson or Marquis Teague and one night you’re starting and coming off the bench, but the next, you don’t see the court at all. Now imagine this happens every few weeks or so. It doesn’t just toy with your mind. It toys with your situation as a whole. One night you feel very important to the team and their in-game success and the next you feel replaced and unimportant because you were replaced with Hinrich.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Hinrich, but his shakiness when it comes to his health is going to cause more and more conversation as the trade deadline approaches. His health may be causing the organization to question whether to keep him or not when Derrick Rose returns and their questioning is not without merit. I know Hinrich has missed only four games, but the risk of keeping him around may be greater than the reward.

Upon Rose’s return, Chicago will have two young and energetic guards capable of scoring (Rose and Robinson) and one rookie guard still learning the ropes and displaying some promise while doing so (Teague). That leaves Hinrich: the veteran floor general who offers leadership and basketball IQ over points and defensive prowess.

Hinrich needs to stay healthy to avoid these problems because I don’t think anyone in Chicago wants to see him go and because it took some persuading for him to get him here. He is a great player and a fan favorite and seeing him leave would be as devastating as watching the bench mob disperse. But unless he can start to show some more consistency both on the floor and health wise, we may be seeing him leave sooner rather than later.

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