LeBron James And Derrick Rose Tension At All Time High

By Devin O'Barr
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

While LeBron James and Derrick Rose may both be NBA mega-stars, they both do not seem too fond of one another. Now, both are professional athletes and have kept things civil thus far, however the tension is obvious to anyone who can connect the dots in this increasingly sticky situation.

Oddly enough, in the summer of 2010 LeBron had been rumored to play with the Chicago Bulls and their captain, Rose. LeBron’s lofty “decision” to play for the Miami Heat may have not caused this schism, but it definitely has helped this relationship go sour.

Joakim Noah is not LeBron’s biggest fan. The Bulls center’s perception of LeBron can be summed up by one instance in Cleveland just a few years prior. Noah, a fiery and uncharacteristically, athletic big man has always been one for controversy and like any NBA player, he despises losing. When LeBron proceeded to dance in a 2009 lopsided game versus the Bulls, Noah took personal offense and shouted from the bench while LeBron was at the free throw line. Tempers flared but no fines were issued.

Now, Noah has been Rose’s closest teammate since entering the league, although the stars may appear complete opposites the two have been able to grow together, as basketball players and as men. So, if Noah doesn’t care for LeBron I find it hard to believe Rose would have an affinity for him.

Then, there is what LeBron said at Vegas this summer, during the Olympic practices. When asked “what this team misses most without Rose?” by a Bulls beat writer LeBron said that the Olympic team was missing nothing even with Rose’s absence. On the other hand, he did claim he wanted to reach out to Rose after his surgery. LeBron confessed on Friday that he has not talked to Rose once.

When asked prior to Fridays game whether or not LeBron had been keeping up on Rose’s rehab, he responded with “how do you expect me to do that?”. Now, I think the question was a little misguided and irrelevant however, it causes inquiry as too whether or not these two get along. Playing devil’s advocate, LeBron seems to speak of different stars like Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant in a different light. Pay close attention to him next time he speaks of other NBA brass.

Personally, I have no issue with these two stars not getting along, in fact I believe it is good for the NBA as a whole. While it might not be Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, it is something to keep an eye on moving forward, especially when Rose returns to action in 2013.

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