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Miami Heat’s ‘Big 3′ Grab Large Chunk of Latest 2013 All Star Votes

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


The Miami Heat are still enjoying their quick ascension to being one of the most popular sports teams in the world, and it’s showing once again when it comes to fan voting.

On Thursday, the NBA released its third voting tallies for the 2013 All Star Game being held in Houston. That tally showed that the Heat’s ‘Big 3′ of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh are close to achieving the goal of starting together for the Eastern Conference in the All Star game for the first time in their time together.

James leads all East frontcourt players with 1,151,304 votes at the time of the tally’s release, trailing only Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers for the overall lead in votes. Wade leads all East backcourt players with  765,077 votes. Both players are expected to maintain their positions by January 17 when the All Star starting lineups will be announced on TNT.

Bosh is close to joining James and Wade in the East starting lineup as he is fourth among frontcourt players with 362,973 votes at the time of the tally’s release. He is only 27,778 votes behind Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics for the final starting frontcourt spot. Bosh had hoped that shifting to the center position along with Dwight Howard leaving the East via trade would make it easier for him to get the votes for a starting spot. Those plans changed when the NBA eliminated the center position from the All Star ballot in favor of having three frontcourt spots instead.

Two other Heat players have received enough votes to be counted in the tally. Shane Battier is tenth among frontcourt players with 107,190 votes. Ray Allen is fifth among backcourt players with 232,441 votes.

Voting for the All Star game will close on January 14.