Would A Daequan Cook Signing Mean The End Of Rip Hamilton In Chicago?

By Riley Schmitt
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

As much as it pains me to say it, the Chicago Bulls are an extremely cheap franchise. They make so much money, but they refuse to pay one iota more for talent than they have to. That is why some news from Twitter is kind of shocking right now.

Yes, the Bulls would be in the lead to sign Daequan Cook, who actually does something the rest of the team struggles to do. Cook can knock down open threes, which is a lot more than most on the roster can say. They do have room for a minimum player signing, which would equal Cook. However, I have the bad feeling this means a Rip Hamilton move would happen.

If Cook brings anything to the table, you can get rid of the masked man. It would not be for basketball purposes, though. It would be for that stupid luxury tax that the team is so brilliant at avoiding. By bringing in a possible backup shooting guard, you can move Hamilton to a team under the cap. You then start Marco Bellinelli and avoid having to pay the tax, a perfect way to make a basketball team on the cheap.

It would be unpopular, but the bottom line is all that matters to the Bulls and their front office. Is Cook/Bellinelli a better option than Hamilton/Bellinelli? Absolutely not. However, it is cheaper and that is all that matters.


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