Will LeBron James Break George Gervin's In-Season Scoring Streak Record?

By Daniel Carpio
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a joy to watch the Miami Heat‘s LeBron James play basketball.

Ever since he has entered the NBA, James has played so well that it almost looks too easy. This season has seen him play more loosely since winning his first championship. He has played so loosely that only recently has it been noticed that he is close to making NBA history.

In each of the Heat’s 31 games played so far this season James has scored at least 20 points. That streak now has James only second to the legendary George Gervin for the record of longest stretch of games of scoring at least 20 points in a season. Gervin set the record at 45 games during the 1981-82 season as a member of the San Antonio Spurs.

Gervin is one of the greatest scorers that basketball has ever seen. Known as ‘The Iceman’ throughout his 14-year career in the ABA and NBA, Gervin has averaged less than 15 points in a season only once. His ability to score and long frame have been a combination not seen in the NBA for decades and have only recently had a suitable comparison among current players in Kevin Durant.

James has the ability to break Gervin’s record, which has stood for 31 years. The question is whether he’ll be able to. James has logged in heavy minutes recently for the Heat and has also suffered a knee bruise. The combination could cause James to get fatigued earlier than normal for him and that alone could be enough to stop him from breaking Gervin’s record.

If James does in fact break the record it should stand as a testament to his drive and conditioning. Considering he’s had one of the most active years for a player in 2012 it’s astounding to see that James could break a record that is older than he is and make it look like a normal day at the office for him.

Then again, he is called ‘The King’ for a reason.

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