Atlanta Hawks Need Lou Williams To Get Team Back On Right Track

By John Raffel
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Lou Williams would be the first to agree: he and his Atlanta Hawks had better get their act together in a hurry.

Two back-to-back losses in games the Hawks should have won has produced some warning signals that could overpower what has basically been an outstanding season for Atlanta.

First, it was an 85-84 NBA loss to the Detroit Pistons Friday night. The Hawks had a chance to win it at the end and Williams couldn’t connect on the final shot.

“I was just trying to get it towards the rim,” he said. “I figured that the clock was down at that point, and I just wanted to get a shot towards the rim that would count if it went in.”

But coach Larry Drew had a different take.

“We were going to go right to Al (Horford) and just going to let him take it to the basket,” Drew said.

Obviously someone isn’t communicating very well.

But Williams does concur that the Hawks didn’t play with enough energy in that particular game. “Energy. Simple as energy,” he said. “We didn’t play with a lot of energy in the first half, we didn’t make smart plays, and then in the second half we did a better job.”

It’s hard to explain the collapse at home Saturday night in an 89-81 NBA loss to the Boston Celtics. The Hawks had a 53-38 halftime lead. But they got outscored 33-9 in a horrible fourth quarter.

Williams netted a season-high 28 points but 16 of those came in the first quarter. He needed a few more in the third.

“We realize in this league you’re going to get your best shot on any given night from any given team,” Williams said.

That’s going to keep happening and the Hawks have to do a better job of giving their best shot after giving away two games that should have been in their win column.

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