High Turnover-Rate Plaguing Charlotte Bobcats Lately

By Cody Williams
Jeffery Taylor Nate Robinson
Dennis Wierzbicki – USA Today Sports Images

For a team that plays at a relatively fast pace, the Charlotte Bobcats have been solid in regards to turning the ball over.

Charlotte is tied for sixth in the NBA for lowest turnover-rate this season, with 14.3 per game. Though this team has been playing awful, losing 19 of their last 20 games, their ball-security has been one of their strengths for the season as a whole.

But in their last five games, the Bobcats haven’t been holding onto the ball well at all. In fact, they have averaged a full turnover more per game in that stretch at 15.4 per game. Putting that in perspective, if that was their turnover-rate for the entire season, they would be tied for 24th in the league in that category.

Given the fast pace that Charlotte likes to play at, that normally wouldn’t be an issue. However, when you consider that the Bobcats have one of the least efficient offenses in the NBA, it becomes a much larger problem.

The Bobcats rank 27th in the NBA in team field-goal percentage, shooting an abysmal 42.3 percent from the field this year.

If their shooting woes are coupled with them turning the ball over more frequently, it’s not hard to understand why Charlotte has been losing so many games lately.

With the Bobcats not being efficient with the shot attempts that they already get, it severely hurts their cause if they are then losing more shot attempts per game by turning the ball over.

Coming into their game against the Detroit Pistons on Sunday, the Bobcats have to have a plan to help stabilize their recent turnover issues. Detroit has only been forcing their opponents to commit 13 turnovers per game this season, a comforting stat for Charlotte.

If the Bobcats want to get a win in this game, they have to be able to take advantage of the Pistons defense that doesn’t force many turnovers. If that doesn’t happen and they continue to turn the ball over 15-plus times, they will probably be on the losing end once again.

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