Los Angeles Lakers continue to struggle with latest defeat

By David Charnley
USA Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers show no signs of improvement anytime soon as the season continues to disappoint with defeat to Denver Nuggets.

For Laker fans there does not seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel as serious questions need to be answered about if the team are serious playoff contenders.

If you were to look at stats during Sunday nights defeat initial viewing would indicate a Lakers win, they held advantages in free throws, shooting percentages, rebounding and had six players to get in to double figures despite still losing by seven points.

Kobe Bryant once again led scoring with 29 points and Dwight Howard finished the game with a season high of 26 rebounds, four blocks and 14 points as they Lakers tried to rally late.

In LA these days it doesn’t matter how well you do in certain areas because there is always another where it will pull them down. One of the biggest problems last night came from the glass as they continued to fail to box out their opponents as they gave up 17 offensive rebounds as the fans frustrations grow.

One consistency that figures in games this season is the ability to keep hold of the ball which they turned over a huge 18 times compared to the Nuggets eight.

It has also emerged that Howard aggravated his shoulder injury and will have to undergo a MRI on Monday.

Fans in Los Angeles are certainly wondering when they will see an end to their teams continued struggles this season as they saw their defeat loose to the Nuggets for the third time this season.

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