Los Angeles Lakers: Trouble In Paradise?

By meganhuston
Geoff Burke-US Presswire

Kobe BryantDwight Howard…a match made in heaven…right?


According to some sources, Bryant and Howard got into a verbal altercation following the Los Angeles Lakers loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on New Years Eve; but lets be honest didn’t we all see this coming?

On one hand you have Kobe whose sole reason for playing basketball is to win championships; who’s driven by his will to win and never takes any game lightly.  On the other hand you have Dwight who’s a goof ball; who seems to take the game as a joke. One man has a death stare while the other has a big kool-aid smile; in a world where opposites attract these two can’t seem to coexist.

Keep in mind Howard never wanted play in L.A. because he did not want to play with Kobe. But why? Who wouldn’t want to play with a 5-time champion? Or for a organization that’s known for producing hall of fame worthy big men? Someone who doesn’t want the responsibility of being a leader. Someone who’s not used to winning. Someone who doesn’t want accountability. That’s who. That’s Dwight.

While Bryant is busy spending every minute perfecting his game, Howard is busy learning new dances off YouTube and deciding what headband to wear.

One is a winner. One is joker. One is serious and doesn’t care what others think about him; while the other wants to make everyone happy and never ruffle feathers. So Laker fans can act like there’s no problems, and sources can deny the altercation but the proof is in the pudding…

These two just don’t fit.

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