Royce White Situation Hits Critical Point

By Andy Schmidt
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports


The never ending saga of Royce White and the Houston Rockets continued this week as the Rockets suspended White. This is not going to end well for anyone involved at this point because no matter what happens, someone is going to feel cheated here. White has to realize that the team isn’t going to make his life a utopia and give it to all his demands. It is a business after all and while some things can be done to help White out, there are some things that just can’t be helped.

White is afraid of flying and that is just fine but the team can’t be expected to let White drive or take a train to the next city where the Rockets are playing. It is just too much effort and time for Houston to handle. White’s anxiety problems don’t help matters as he probably feels like he is being shunned by the team because he has a mental problem. The Rockets though need to get White the help he needs whether White likes it or not.

White has to go to therapy or get on medication to fix these problems and Houston should give White the season to figure it out. If White can’t play next season and is still being affecting by all his issues, then Houston should show him the door because at that point, there is nothing more that they can do. It is an unfortunate situation for the team and White himself but it has come to a head now. The two sides have to figure out the solution.

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