Demarcus Cousins Trade Rumors Intensify for Boston Celtics

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Demarcus Cousins
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

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As we have written in recent weeks, it appears that the Boston Celtics are making an extremely aggressive attempt to acquire center Demarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings.  If you are unfamiliar with the Cousins situation, let’s catch you up to speed.

In terms of pure talent, he is a top ten NBA player, no questions asked.  He is such a presence, especially on the offensive end.  He has an array of low post moves and is usually an automatic double-double every time he steps on the floor. Why would the Kings trade him you ask?  The guy is a complete knuckle head and an awful teammate.  He is constantly yelling at his coaches and has never been a guy people typically get along with.  So why would the Celtics want him?

The current roster and coaching staff has the type of personnel that could wipe off the stink which is Cousins.  Head coach Doc Rivers is a player’s coach first and has the great ability to relate to people.  Most people assume that Rivers would be able to get through to Cousins and knock some sense into him.  This is also coupled with the fact that two of his main teammates would be Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.  There is no way that they would allow him to disrupt the team’s chemistry.  They have the ability to take players under their wing and mentor them, exactly what they would do with Cousins.

Cousins has also never been involved with a winning franchise at the professional level, so it makes sense that he would come to Boston and keep his mouth shut.

If the Celtics have a realistic shot at Cousins they need to go all in.  It is not very often that teams think about making under 25 franchise players available.  This is a special circumstance that they need to pounce on.

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