Dwight Howard says he won’t need surgery

By David Charnley
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US Presswire

After Dwight Howard was confirmed to have torn his labrum in his right shoulder, the superstar has confirmed that he will not need injury.

In what has been a season of constant bad news this could be a let off that Mike D’Antoni needs in order to get his side back to winning ways.

Howard will be out for a week at the least but reports are surfacing that a more realistic time frame will be in the four to six week region and comes as a major lose to the side, made even more so by the loss of two other big men from their side, Pau Gasol and Jordan Hill.

Howard was wearing a heavy-duty bandage whilst talking to reporters seemed frustrated when he announced that he didn’t need surgery.

Howards torn labrum injury is not a common injury within the NBA which makes it hard for an exact estimation for when a return is likely.

The injury is more common with baseball pitchers rather than 7 foot basketball players but, New Orleans Hornets center Jason Smith did suffer the same injury last month which kept him out of action for two weeks.

In contrast Orlando Magic’s Jameer Nelson suffered the injury back in 2009 and was expected to miss the whole of the season, however returned after three and a half months for their NBA finals match up with the Lakers but struggled during the match up shooting just 35% from the field.

Ideally for the Los Angeles Lakers, Howards rehab will follow the same path of Smith’s and we will see him in the purple and gold in not too long at all.


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