If Omri Casspi Wants Out Of Town, The Cleveland Cavaliers Should Send Him On His Way

By Nick Claussen
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

If Omri Casspi wants to be traded, then the Cleveland Cavaliers should ship him out of town as soon as possible.

The Cavaliers traded J.J Hickson to the Sacramento Kings for Casspi in 2011, after giving up on the talented but inconsistent Hickson.

Casspi is also talented, and he also has been inconsistent during his time in Cleveland. The 6-9 forward is a good outside shooter who can handle the ball and drive to the rim. He can be a good defender, too, and if he ever puts everything together he can be a pretty good player.

During his time with the Cavaliers, though, Casspi too often has taken bad shots and not worked well within the offensive system that Head Coach Byron Scott runs. He also just does not show up and contribute every time he is on the floor. He can have good games where he is blocking shots and knocking down three-pointers, but then he also has games where you don’t even remember his time on the floor.

Casspi has played in 20 games this season and started 1 for the Cavaliers, and he is playing an average of 13.3 minutes in the games when he gets on the floor. He is averaging 4.9 points and 2.5 rebounds per game. He also is shooting a very good 44 percent from three-point range, which is the best on the team. He shooting 39 percent overall from the floor.

The most important statistic right now, though, is that before Monday night’s loss to the Chicago Bulls, Casspi had not seen the floor since Dec. 21, and he only played 1 minute in that game. The last time he played any significant minutes before Monday was on Dec. 11. In the game against the Bulls on Monday, Casspi played more than 15 minutes and scored 4 points on 2 of 5 shooting.

Casspi had a health problem that kept him out for a few games, but he has been ready to play recently  and is not seeing the floor much at all. He has reportedly asked for a trade due to his lack of playing time.

For the Cavaliers, it’s obvious that Casspi is not part of the team’s future, and it doesn’t look like Scott thinks he is an important part of the present.

Surely a few teams out there would like to pick up an athletic, young big man who can shoot, and they would be willing to give up a raw, young player or a second round draft pick to get him.

Hopefully a trade would work out better for Casspi, and maybe it would bring something positive to the Cavaliers. Casspi is not working out in Cleveland. It’s time to send him on his way.

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