Indiana Pacers Give Frank Vogel Contract Extension

By J.M. Nicholas

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers continue to cement their current roster, by giving another member of the team a contract extension. In the offseason, the Pacers locked up starting center Roy Hibbert, and starting point guard George Hill, with long-term deals. Word has now come down that head coach Frank Vogel will also be staying with the team for a longer period of time. The Pacers have given vogel a contract extension as well, although the exact details of the deal are yet to be made public.

The jury is still out on whether the contract offers made to Hibbert and Hill will be good ideas for the future, but signing Vogel to stay as the team leader is a good vote of confidence for this young coach. Regardless of how his multi-year contract players have struggled a bit this season after receiving their big pay days to stay in Indiana, it now seems clear that Vogel will be there to see this plan play out.

The choice to lock up Vogel now is a good sign for this reloading franchise, as well as a positive look toward the future for this team. The rest of the roster can now feel a bit better that, if they perform and prosper, then the Pacers will not be timid about keeping them around to help build this team for a championship. Vogel has 82 wins and 56 losses, and has taken the Pacers to the playoffs twice, since taking over as head coach.

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