Kevin Garnett And Carmelo Anthony Drama Gets Stranger

By Devin O'Barr


Kevin Garnett has been no stranger to controversy, ever since being drafted into the NBA in 1995. The Minnesota Timberwolves took a chance on the skinny yet fiery PF with the 5th pick overall and Garnett shattered expectations. Unfortunately, Garnett has not shattered his trash talking ways, instead they have been vamped up in his latest seasons with the Boston Celtics. There is a laundry list of Garnett-isms as plenty would call them, as they range from calling Detroit Pistons PF Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient” to giving former teammate Ray Allen the ultimate cold shoulder in this years opener in Miami.

Long story short, Garnett has crossed the line numerous times before. However, the old dog has apparently learned some new tricks.

Last night versus the New York Knicks, Garnett was caught in a battle down low with Carmelo Anthony. The shoving escalated to the two receiving double technicals and Anthony being ejected due to his actions. Garnett was not tossed, but it has been rumored throughout the league that he had a few famous words about Anthony’s wife and music personality Lala Vasquez.

Reportedly KG thought that LaLa “tastes like Honey-Nut Cheerios”, this goes atop the “Garnett needs to grow up” file. However, that is not the half of it.

After being ejected Anthony ,was seen wandering around Celtic’s bus just waiting for Garnett to head down the tunnel. Fortunately there is film that confirms Anthony was indeed waiting as he can be seen in the red stocking cap in this video.

This is chalked up to flat out weird. Garnett adds another reason for opposing fans to hate him and Anthony suddenly turns into a creep ex-girfriend with the word “stalker” being thrown around like a bounce pass.

Nonetheless, this could make for a great commercial. Look for the NBA to partner with Honey Nut Cheerios any second.

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