Mike D’Antoni still believes Los Angeles Lakers will make playoffs

By David Charnley
Chris Humphreys-US Presswire


The Los Angeles Lakers season has hit a stage where fans who thought they would be dreaming of the NBA finals are simply just thinking of getting to the post season.

Mike D’Antoni has still got faith in his current team and after their latest disappointing defeat against Denver Nuggets which saw them slip to three games under .500 which continues to create a further gap between themselves and their seeded team in the Western Conference. The Lakers are currently three games out of the playoffs and improvements are not looking likely any time soon.

Speaking after the game D’Antoni said “The hole’s not too big, mathematically we can still make the playoffs.”

Nothing is appearing to be going right for the Lakers at the minute and the current three game losing streak is beginning to make fans uneasy as reports of the two biggest stars are starting to clash.

With energy and focus levels the main cause of concern Lakers players, coaches and fans alike will soon be worrying about the prospect of watching the playoffs from the comforts of their own homes rather than challenging for title number 17.

Despite being some way of the playoffs and certainly not showing any form that would replicate that of a playoff team D’Antoni still believes that there will be a post season for his side.

At the moment it does not look like that fans will have to worry about not reaching title number 17, they might not even have to worry about facing a blow out in the playoffs, instead it is more simple, there might not be any playoffs at all.

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