The Los Angeles Lakers Are A Flat Out Embrassement

By Jamieson Welsh
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Simply put, the Los Angeles Lakers are embarrassing themselves on a nightly basis. For a team with so much talent they do not play with passion and energy to compete. Usually talented teams with veteran players find a way to make things work but that is just not the case with these Lakers.

No matter what takes place on the offensive end the priority has to be defense in this league. Teams have to be able to play defense in order to win ball games and that is something the Lakers haven’t done very well this year. On a nightly average the team gives up 101 points a game and has multiple defensive breakdowns at the wrong times.

There have been too many excuses this year for a team with this roster and now you can see the players looking confused on the court. There’s way too much lack of accountability from the leaders on the court and also way too much finger pointing and complaining amongst the players.

Now, I am not in favor of how Coach Mike D’Antoni is coaching this team but he isn’t the reason why they are defending so poorly. Yes his system doesn’t help on that side of the ball, but guys aren’t playing with enough concentration on that side of the ball to be effective.

Dwight Howard is known for his defensive greatness but he has very little help on that side of the court. He goes after every block shot but no one has his back on the rotation. There are serious trust issues on the team on that side of the court and it hasn’t improved. This is a huge problem and if it doesn’t get fixed the Lakers will be watching the playoffs from home instead of playing in them.

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