Who Are The Real Chicago Bulls?

By meganhuston
Steve Mitchell-US Presswire

Will the real Chicago Bulls please stand up? Are you the team that just beat the Cleveland Cavaliers last night, or who beat the defending champion Miami Heat or could you be the team that got blown out Christmas day by the Houston Rockets or maybe you’re the team who lost to the Charlotte Bobcats. Yes, you heard me I said the Bobcats.

So who are the Bulls? Are they a team that can be lead by Carlos Boozer? Some say yes, but Boozer as been inconsistent. Yes, he plays well every now and again and when he does casual fans tend to “forget” about the previous egg he laid in the game before.

Allow me to refresh your memory…

Boozer dropped 24 points against the Cavs, 27 points against the Heat but before that scored only 6 points against the Rockets, and 8 points against the Atlanta Hawks. As well as he plays at times the bottom line is he’s just not consistent with his energy and production.

Between the inconsistency of losing to teams they shouldn’t lose to or wondering which Carlos Boozer will show up night in and night out makes one wonder who are these Chicago Bulls?

It’s time for Chicago to be more consistent; play at a high level every night and not just when they are playing elite teams. You can’t lose to the Bobcats but then beat the Miami Heat. That’s unacceptable. As for Boozer consistency is the name of the game. He has to continue to play with high energy and be the scoring threat the Bulls need.

Until this consistency is seen on a more frequent basis from the Chicago Bulls as a whole and Boozer as a “leader” the question will remain the same…who are the Chicago Bulls?

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