With Dwight Howard Hurt, The Cleveland Cavaliers Should Consider Trading Anderson Varejao To The Los Angeles Lakers

By Nick Claussen


David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

With Dwight Howard injured once again, the Cleveland Cavaliers need to look into trading Anderson Varejao to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers need a big man who can defend and rebound, and Varejao would fit in perfectly in Los Angeles. He is having an All-Star season, and he is a great defender and rebounder.  Varejao has also become a pretty good scorer this year.

His biggest problem has been staying healthy, and the Lakers understandably would have to look closely at this. With Howard hurt and Pau Gasol and Jordan Hill also battling injuries, the last thing that the Lakers need is another big man who can’t stay on the floor.

A healthy Varejao, though, would be great with the Lakers. His excellent passing skills would help him fit in well on the team, and he would help the Lakers on offense and on defense. In addition, he knows how to play effectively with superstars. He was a key part of the Cavaliers teams that were led by LeBron James and were championship contenders, and he would do well with Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and the Lakers.

The biggest problem on Cleveland’s end would be making sure that they could get enough out of a trade with the Lakers.

The Cavaliers could consider taking on Gasol in a trade, or they could see about taking on a player like Hill and a draft pick or another player. They could also try to involve a third team and pick up another player or a high draft pick, if the Lakers want to work on such a trade so they could land Varejao.

Or if the Lakers are ready to give up on Howard, or if Howard is ready to give up on the Lakers, maybe the Cavaliers could look into bringing Superman to Cleveland in a trade.

Varejao is a great player, and he should be a huge trade asset this year for the Cavaliers. The team may be able to get a much better deal out of another team as the season goes on, but the Lakers are desperate now and this may be a good time to work out a deal.

I should also say that I love Varejao and everything he has done for the Cavaliers. He is a great player who works hard on both ends of the court and always give his all. He doesn’t really deserve to be on a bad team like the Cavaliers, and it may be a few years before the Wine and Gold become good again. Trading him to a team like Los Angeles would likely be good for Varejao and it would help Cleveland build for the future.

The Cavaliers front office needs to be at least considering this and looking into the possibilities.


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