Seattle Fans Get Wish With Sacramento Kings Move

By Andy Schmidt
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There are many injustices that have been seen in professional sports over the years. One of those was when the Seattle Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City to become the Thunder. It is looking more and more likely though that Seattle is going to get a National Basketball Association team again soon as the Sacramento Kings are about to sold and moved to the Pacific Northwest. This is nothing that Seattle deserves more than to get a NBA team again in town which they should have had one all along.

It has looked like the Maloof family was going to either move the Kings or sell them at several points the past few years and now it sounds like it is actually going to happen. I say good riddance to the Maloof family. If you don’t want a team and don’t want to be an owner who wants to win a championship, then it is time for you to go away and leave the game. There is no place for owners like that.

Seattle should have a parade right now for the ownership group that is buying the team just to show how happy the fan base is. This is a great day for the NBA and for David Stern, who wanted a team back in Seattle before he retired. He now has got his wish it would appear. I really can’t wait to see Seattle playing again in Key Arena before too long. It could be next season or it could be the year after but it’s time to welcome Seattle back to the NBA.

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