NBA Sacramento Kings

Seattle Ownership Group Close To Purchasing Sacramento Kings

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings have been in flux for the last few years. The team has talent but they seem to have no direction. That also seems to sum up the ownership group. The Maloofs have resisted attempts to sell the team but it appears that may be over. The team is close to becoming owned by a group based out of Seattle.

This is huge news.  The Kings have not been able to do anything of much lately.  Seattle desperately wants a new team after losing their old one.  Getting a team back in Seattle will be great for basketball and great for fans everywhere.  The Sonics were a fun team to watch and this will mark their return.

At least they wasted no time getting a team purchased.  The Maloofs managed to sell for the price they asked for and the team will be ready for next season at this rate.  The Kings fans aren’t happy but the team was owned by people that were in way over their heads.  It is unfortunate, but things like this happen in sports.

Seattle is going to be a fun place to watch for reactions.  Basketball is back, baby.