Carmelo Anthony Did Right Thing Confronting Kevin Garnett

By Andy Schmidt
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

There are certain lines that people shouldn’t cross. One of those lines is talking smack about someone’s spouse or family. It sounds like Kevin Garnett crossed that line with Carmelo Anthony this week and the two found themselves in an argument that escalated to a point where Anthony was waiting for Garnett to leave the locker room after the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks played. Anthony has been suspended for one game and honestly, I don’t blame Anthony for wanting to get a piece of Garnett.

Garnett allegedly said things to Anthony about Anthony’s wife. What would you do if someone spoke badly about your family? I know I would lose it if someone said something that was way over the line. Anthony did what every individual would do in the situation and that is confronting Garnett about it. There is no reason ever to say anything about someone’s family. If you want to rip on someone, do it to their face and don’t involve their family.

Garnett was definitely in the wrong here and while Anthony probably needed to be suspended for his actions, it is something Anthony will take. There are just some things that you do not do ever and I’m sure other players in the National Basketball Association who are not fans of Garnett for the smack talk he dishes out. One of these days, someone is going to get Garnett on the court for what he is saying and hopefully he will learn his lesson. It could even be Anthony if Garnett decides to start trouble again.

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