Dwight Howard Out and Dirk Nowitzki In?

By meganhuston
Russ Isabella-US Presswire

The Los Angeles Lakers need to wise up and do something they failed to do during the offseason; that’s make a trade that’s going to benefit their team instead of hinder it. The Lakers need to bite the bullet, cut their losses and chalk this Dwight Howard trade up to a loss and move on; trade Howard, who clearly doesn’t want to be in L.A., to the Dallas Mavericks for Dirk Nowitzki.

Before you fall out of your chair just hear me out…

The Lakers are struggling and by struggling I mean stinking up the place. They are currently 11th in the western conference and are on the outside looking in, in terms of making the playoffs. Their big men are injured, they don’t play defense and lack a hunger for winning (insert Dwight Howard reference here). Then you have the Mavericks who are also dead in the water. The only way they will make the playoffs is if all the other teams in the west stop playing and forfeit their remaining games. Which clearly isn’t going to happen.

The Lakers are old, yes, but it’s that age that makes the time for winning so urgent. Nowitzki is a 34-year old 7-footer who can post up, shoot jumpers and knock down three pointers; he’s a nightmare match up for opposing teams. Name one 7-footer on the Lakers that can do that? Don’t worry I’ll wait..

It’s easy. You can’t, because their isn’t one. You have Pau Gasol who is not only sidelined with injury but seems to be a shell of himself as of late, and Howard who has hindered the Lakers more than helped him. What’s Dwight’s free throw percentage again?

The Lakers would acquire a big man alongside Kobe that could spread the floor instead of clogging the lane, allowing Bryant driving lanes. Dirk is older so he is eager to win another ring. The Lakers need to think, “Win Now.” Getting Notwitzki would add urgency for Bryant, and Steve Nash.

On the flip side, the rebuilding Mavericks would get a young “superstar” in Dwight (I use the word superstar lightly) whom they can build around. Not to mention Dwight wants to play in Dallas, therefore he will put forth more effort than he has while playing for L.A.

So lets go over the notes one more time; the Lakers will get a “win now” player in Dirk who can play alongside Kobe for the next two years and have a solid chance at winning a ring; while the Mavs will get a much needed player in Howard to build around. With Kobe’s days in L.A. coming to a close he needs someone just as hungry as he is. Look what happened in Boston when three aging future hall of famers teamed up (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen) they won a championship. The same could be said for Nash, Bryant, and Nowitzki if they are given the opportunity to play together and make some noise in the west.

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