Legacy Of Michael Jordan Being Tarnished By Charlotte Bobcats

By Andy Schmidt
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Jordan was one of the greatest players in National Basketball Association history. Jordan however may be turning into one of the worst owners as well as his Charlotte Bobcats suffer through another season of bad play and a terrible record. Charlotte finished with the worst record in the NBA last season and sits at 9-25 this season going into Thursday night’s play. Jordan at some point has to figure out what is wrong with his team and make some changes before losing the entire fan base.

It’s not like Charlotte has a terrible group of players because the Bobcats have an All-Star crew of some of the best college basketball players that have come out in the last five years. The issue I have is the fact that Jordan just isn’t getting the coaching he needs to have a successful team. Jordan practiced with some of his team in December and hopefully he was able to tell them how to play the game the way it should be.

The team had a 23-game losing streak to end last season and had an 18-game losing streak this season after starting 7-5. We all know that Jordan could probably come right down to get back on the court for 10-15 minutes a game and help the team out but that won’t happen. The legacy of Jordan was so strong with his great play during his long NBA career and it is getting tarnished now as Charlotte continues to lose bunches of games in a row. What can Jordan really do though at this point?

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