The Explanation For The Carmelo Anthony And Kevin Garnett Confrontation Is Confusing

By Nick Claussen
Debby Wong – USA TODAY Sports

So what exactly did Kevin Garnett say to Carmelo Anthony in their game on Monday that would make him so mad?

Anthony was so upset by what Garnett said to him during the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks game in Madison Square Garden that he tried to confront KG in an arena tunnel after the game.

While serious commentators in the national media talk about all of the problems of this situation and what it says about our society, I have a few comments that are much more relevant to this over-hyped situation.

First of all, I really would like to know what Garnett said. Anthony just gave this explanation:

“It’s certain things that you just don’t say to men, another man,” Anthony has been quoted as saying.

What would that be?

“I need a hug,” ?

“Did you see the new Twilight movie?”

“Does this jersey make me look fat?”

Those are all things that I would not say to another man. Maybe Garnett asked him during the game if he wanted to go to the restroom with him.

I also particularly liked this part of Anthony’s explanation.

“Like I said, we’re both at an understanding right now, we handled it the way we handled it. Nobody needs to know what was said behind closed doors. So the situation is handled.”

First of all, saying that you handled something the way you handled it is a terrible explanation unless you are getting paid for using the word “handle” as many times as you can in a sentence.

This “explanation” is also an easy way of saying that you’re not going to say if it was right or wrong. It’s like if I go rob a bank and then say, “I got money the way I got money, that’s how I got money,” or if I decide not to go to work, I could tell my boss, “I handled my day the way I handled it. That’s how I handled it.” Either way, that explanation is not going to go over very well.

I also like that he thinks they said something behind “closed doors.” Didn’t they talk on the court and then outside the Celtics bus? Where were the closed doors?

In an era when every professional athlete seems to be talking about just about every subject on Twitter, since when do players talk behind closed doors? I get tired of some of the Tweets, but I wish Garnett and Anthony would have talked it out that way after the game.

Anthony could have Tweeted something like “KG talks too much and doesn’t know anything about Twilight. #pottymouth.”

And Garnett could have Tweeted back “You should Melo-out and relax. Just talking. Much love. #your-teams-are-terrible-in-the-playoffs.”

Finally, Garnett must be a really good trash talker. He has gotten into the heads of other NBA players before and he really got Anthony mad this time with whatever he said. If he’s this good at trash talking, he may want to get into professional wrestling or even take part in some Comedy Central Roasts when he retires.

I don’t really understand why the two players were upset at each other during the game and after it, but I’m sure entertained by the way they handled the whole thing by handling it in the way they chose to handle it.

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