Avery Bradley Has Put The Boston Celtics Back On Track

By meganhuston
Debby Wong-US Presswire

It was just two weeks ago that the Boston Celtics looked old, out of sync, and uninspired, but since then they’ve rolled off five straight wins. But why? The answer is simple: Avery Bradley.

Since Bradley’s return last week the Celtics have looked like a brand new team. Their defensive intensity is at a all time high, their offense is clicking, and their bench is finally producing.

Boston prides themselves on defense, however, that defensive swagger had been lacking as of late, but when Bradley returned he injected a jolt of energy into the lifeless Celtics. Bradley plays fullcourt defense. He pressures the ball making it difficult for the opponent’s point guard to set up the offense.

It was Bradley’s on-the-ball defense that pushed former teammate Ray Allen to the bench last season. Bradley’s ability to frustrate players with his defensive intensity has turned the tide for the green team.

“Avery’s been like a hope of life, if not a beam of light, lately, and an inspiration to all of us, and we’re just feeding off of that,” Kevin Garnett said about the young guard.

Bradley does the dirty work. He guards the opposing team’s best perimeter player which allows Rajon Rondo to roam on defense, getting in passing lanes, and conserving much needed energy; as good as Rondo is he can’t play defense like Bradley.

Even on a team with two future hall of famers in Garnett and Paul Pierce, Bradley is making a name for himself. Garnett refers to him as a pitbull. Whatever his nickname the fact still remains Avery Bradley has been the difference in the Boston Celtics and the biggest reason they’re on this current five game winning streak.

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