Part II: Why Richard Hamilton Should Stay A Chicago Bull

Mike DiNovo- USA TODAY Sports

In part one of this two part series I wrote about why Richard Hamilton should be nervous about his future with the Chicago BullsIn this article, I am going to talk about why he should remain in a Bulls uniform.

First and foremost it’s because he is a scorer. He is not the scorer he used to be earlier in his career but plain and simple he does what the Bull’s organization expected him to do which was provide offensive help. Secondly, if Hamilton were to leave it would cut into Chicago’s bench and make the cycling of substitutes that much more difficult. Hamilton is old yes and he has to be careful to avoid injuries but I would prefer to have him on the team and play decent minutes per game and then allow an adequate substitute to sit him down.

For the most part people (myself included) look at Hamilton’s age and cringe at the thought. What 34-year not named Kobe Bryant can still compete at a high level? I ask the same question but just like Chicago is holding onto 31 year old guard Kirk Hinrich they seem to be hell-bent onto holding onto Hamilton. Why? I think it’s because of his veteran presence. Hamilton is one of the older players for the Bulls and his veteran knowledge along with an NBA Championship can not only help younger players like Marquis Teague and Jimmy Butler but it also brings another high basketball IQ mind into the huddle every game.

Hamilton is not only a valuable starter but I think he also brings an image onto the court, an image that secondary unit guards like Marco Belinelli and Daequan Cook will be able to watch and learn from. When I watch Hamilton play I always get the feeling that opponents underestimate him. I get the feeling that they give him space to shoot in order to cut off the lane or vice versa. This underestimation of him serves as an advantage and can’t be under valued. It’s easier for Hamilton to take advantage of this and if he were to lose his starting job to a younger player this underestimation would not occur.

Hamilton brings a lot to this team and while it may not always be easy to see one thing is for sure and that is without him the Bulls would lose a solid points contributor, a keen veteran mind, an authoritative starter and lastly a running mate for Derrick Rose. Even though their are plenty of guys on the bench who would love to take Hamilton’s job, I think it’s best for the team to keep him on the roster.

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