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Celtics Most Realistic Trade Target? Try Robin Lopez

Boston Celtics, Robin Lopez

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A lot has been written recently about the Boston Celtics looking for another big man and a lot of big names have popped up on the team’s radar including Demarcus Cousins, Marcin Gortat, and Anderson Varejao.  Varejao will probably no longer be traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers because he was just placed on injured reserve with a serious injury.  Cousins and Gortat will both fetch a high asking price in return.  One guy that we have written about in the past who could intrigue the Celtics is Robin Lopez of the New Orleans Hornets.  He is averaging nearly 12 points and 6 rebounds per game this season and has always been a guy that has relied on his athleticism and speed to gain a competitive advantage.

He is a 7 footer who is not a great rebounder for his size but offers another big body that probably wouldn’t warrant nearly the type of package that they would have to give the Sacramento Kings for Cousins.  In any Cousins trade, either Jared Sullinger or Avery Bradley, possibly even both, would have to be included.  They could get Lopez without having to give up either of their younger studs.

The question then becomes, is it better to get a massive upgrade in the front court like Cousins at the expense of one of their younger players?  Or is it more beneficial to acquire Lopez for say just a first round pick and add depth?  The latter choice seems like the better fit for the Celtics because they would not have to mortgage their future, and yet still remain competitive.

The February trading deadline is quickly approaching and the Celtics figure to be very active in trade discussions.